Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I received an award from Sue and I'm truly honored. Thank you so much Sue, love your blog too, Sue has some great layouts on her blog. My favorite is the jeans layout.

According to the rules for this award,
the winner:
- may put the logo on her blog.
- should create a link on her blog back to the person who gave them the award.
- may nominate at least 7 other blogs for the award and put links to those blogs on hers.
- should leave messages on the blogs of those nominated.

I nominate the following excellent digital scrapbooking blogs:

2.Tempus Fugit
4.Cu Freebies
5.Calvina Walsh
6.Pixels and Icecream
7.EM Design

I'm not gonna tell you whats on the blogs, you'll just have to visit them, I promise you won't be disappointed, all these blogs are really worth visiting.

Enjoy your bloghopping ........ :)

Edit: When I opened my mail, I was pleasantly surprised to see I had received another award given to me by Vania of Foto in scena. Vania, thank you so much for this award, I'm very happy.

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tempus fugit said...

Hello Joni,
THANK YOU! This is so nice and I'm really exited. It really gives me a push that you like my blog!
Love and hugs